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Payroll Processing in India, Outsource Financial Services




We assist our clients in setting up payroll, maintaining payroll records, running weekly/bimonthly/monthly payroll, making payments to its employees via ACH or direct transfer, issuing pay stubs, payment of withholding and state taxes, filing of federal and state returns. We work on various payroll management software such as Gusto, ADP, PayChex, Tsheets, etc



Payroll taxes essentially include two types of taxes.

  1. Taxes that employers are required to withhold from employees’ wages are also known as withholding tax. They also cover advance payment of income tax, social security contributions, and various insurances like unemployment and disability, etc.
  2. Taxes that are paid from employer's own funds and directly related to employing a worker .They usually cover employer's funding of social security system and other insurance programs.
  3. We provide services of calculation of payroll taxes, payment of all type of taxes such as federal tax, state tax, unemployment tax, etc.


At MAS, we provide a number of leave management services:

  1. Tracking and reporting of leaves
  2. Managing employee absences
  3. Managing vacation
  4. Managing sick leave
  5. Paid time off

Employees’ timesheets are shared on an agreed frequency with us and basis which we evaluate, track, report, and reduce expenses that arise due to employee absences.


Expense reimbursement is a method of paying employees back what they have incurred on business-related expenses. MAS support its clients by tracking, verifying and paying the bills on employer’s behalf. We also maintain repository for bills and receipts that we receive from client.

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