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  1. Financial reporting is an integrated soul of an organization. It involves preparation of specific and articulate financial statements at the end of every calendar year that in turn amazes the organization with its performance RESULTS.
  2. Financial reporting involves preparation of financial reports or financial statements and then studying the overall performance of a company. These financial statements give a summary of a firm's long and short term profitability




  1. Income Statement
    The income statement summarizes the costs, expenses and revenue acquired over a particular period of time. This period of time will usually be a year or a fiscal quarter. This financial report provides information about the capability of the organization to make profit by minimizing costs and maximizing revenue. g. This report is also called ‘profit and loss statement’, statement of profit and loss’ or ‘income and expense statement’.
  2. Balance Sheet
    The balance sheet is the most vital financial statement. The balance sheet displays the organization’s net equity, assets and liabilities at a specific date.
  3. Statement of Cash Flow
    This statement provides a summary of the organization’s cash flow activities. This includes, the organization’s investing, financing and operating activities. The statement of cash flow also displays the organization’s beginning and ending balances of cash. The statement also highlights the uses and the sources of cash for that particular year.
  4. Bank Reconciliation Report
    The bank reconciliation report presents information about the cash balance shown on an organization’s books at a specific date. This report settles this balance with the amount displayed on the bank statement of the organization.
  5. Payroll Register
    The payroll register displays information in an alphabetical order about all the employees who were paid during a particular month. Payroll taxes and other deductions with the gross pay are displayed.
  6. Journal Entry and Check Register
    The journal entry register displays the checks written during a specific month. The register associates the checks with the general ledger accounts that they have been charged to. The register also displays the dates when the check was written.
  7. Detail General Ledger Report
    This report exhibits all the organization’s activities for a particular month.
  8. Business Analysis Report
    The business analysis report provides financial information from the income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet. This information is effectively used to calculate key performance metrics. This report can also help you analyze the financial performance of your organization.
  9. Financial Analysis Report
    This report evaluates the balance sheet of the latest month with the balance sheet of the previous month. The report displays the changes in the equity, assets and liabilities.
  10. Operations Analysis Report
    This report presents the expenses, costs and sales by category. For each type of sales, the gross profit and percent of gross profit is displayed. This same is done for the expenses. The report displays information pertaining to a particular month and compares information between current and previous years.


Advantages of Outsourcing Financial Reporting:

  1. Swift and articulate analyses.
  2. Assist management in effective decision making.
  3. Avails clear vision to make right future strategies.
  4. Suggestion from financial experts.
  5. Complete transparency with improved financial reporting in accordance to regulatory compliance specifications as specified by laws like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.



We provide a host services in the area of financial analysis outsourcing.

  1. Financial analysis and research
  2. Direct Tax Consultancy
  3. Analysis of financial statements- monthly, quarterly, and annual management reports
  4. Non-Resident Taxation and FEMA
  5. Analysis of prospectuses and offer documents
  6. US GAAP Accounting and Deferred tax
  7. E-Income Tax Returns
  8. Corporate Law and Audit
  9. Sales Tax Matter
  10. Financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, NPV and IRR analysis
  11. Investment Consultancy
  12. Excise
  13. Copyright and Patents
  14. Corporate financial statements
  15. Payroll Solutions
  16. Analysis of portfolio structures
  17. Start up Ventures
  18. Creation and maintenance of databases and libraries
  19. Board of directors and audit committee presentations on financial results and EHS compliance


"Finance as a process calls itself a lot of care and expertise, companies in today's Global liberated environment tend to outsource this function to professionals like us. As we understand how valuable and delicate this process is which in return also demands swiftness, we do not compromise with the quality. Reserving experts on our desk is our protocol."

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