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Maintaing Cash Flow , Outsource Financial Services




One of the key components of keeping your business on course is to maintain a positive cash flow. A periodic analysis will help you determine whether your business generates enough cash to meet your obligations and how cash outflow compares with incoming revenues. The cash flow statement reports your business sources and uses of cash during a specified accounting period.



  1. We encourage vendors to have the payment term similar as our client’s payment window.
  2. Payments to be made within the vendor or supplier payment terms and the benefits of grace period are enjoyed.


  1. We encourage offering the small discount or bonus for early payments as it is often less cost than it would the cost to manage the receivables account and follow up for payment at later dates.
  2. We generate invoices quickly and providing multiple payment options like, online payments, ACH etc.


We help businesses to maintain minimum bank balances to avoid bank fees and charges. We assist them in determining the best alternative to finance their working capital or business needs. We assist clients in providing accurate set of financials to bankers, preparing reports required by bankers/financing companies.

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